There are many different ways to make the face on your softie. Drawn, embroidered, appliqued and with safety eyes and noses.

If you want to embroider the face, you should wait until the softie is finished, so you can hide the thread ends in the head. Otherwise it is a good idea to make the face before you sew the softie.

If your fabric is thin you can put it on top of the face pattern to mark it. You can also mark the middle of the head with a pin to place the face.



Use a permanent fabric marker size 2 – 2,5 mm., iron it to fix the colours. You can buy them in fabric shops or on wish.com. Make sure that the markers are especially for fabric.


Safety eyes and noses

You can use safety eyes and noses for the face if they aren’t too close to the sewing line on your softie.

I don’t use them on baby toys. Even though they are fastened well, I don’t want to take the risk when I donate them for charity.

You should not use them on stretchable fabric like jersey. Even if you fasten them tightly, there is a big risk that they will fall out.

Mark the eyes/nose on the backside of the fabric and make a very small hole. Put the eyes/nose in and press the fastener all the way down.

Melt the ends with a lighter, it helps to fasten them. I do over a couple of times and press with the side of a knife in between. Make sure to do this outside, as it smells a lot.

You can also watch this short tutorial from You Tube.




I usually use knots when I make a softie with eyes on both sides. Use cotton yarn 8/4 or 8/8 depending on the size of the eyes you want. Make them when the softie is finished.

Pull the yarn through on one side of the head and tie the first double knot. Pull both yarn ends through the head to the other side and make the second double knot. If you pull a little hard you can make deep eye sockets. Pull the ends through your softie and cut of, so they will be hidden inside the softie.


You can embroider the face with French knots, backstitches etc. I have found a good tutorial here.

If you embroider the face after the softie is finished, you can hide the thread ends inside.


You can use applique for larger areas like owl eyes etc.

I have found a nice tutorial here.

I use a slightly lighter zigzag, 2 rounds of a 2/2 zigzag.