Softie Heaven ENG

I know that my English isn’t perfect, but I hope that you understand the content of this site anyway.

Together with others I make small softies for children in hospitals in Denmark.

In our group we both knit, crochet and sew softies to give the children a little comfort. I started out with knitting and crocheting but realized that it was faster for me to sew the softies.

Patterns suited for Charity Softies, after downsizing, will be in the category CHARITY. Besides this they will also be in the other categories where they belong.

Now I have gathered a collection of patterns, that I would like to share with others.

Most of my patterns are from Pinterest and I will link to the original patterns after the description. At the same time I have made a general sewing instruction, which can be used on most softies. My Pinterest page is here

During my search for small softies, I have found other patterns which are a little to complicated for my charity softies. I have decided to bring them anyway, as I find them very cute, so you have a lot to choose from. The patterns I use, I have scaled down to a size of 10 – 15 cm, but the links are for the original patterns.

Whether you sew for charities or for your own children or grandchildren, it will be wise to use these minimum requirements for young children:

Length 5.6 cm
Diameter 9.95 cm
Legs, tails etc. not longer than 15 cm
Small parts like safety eyes, buttons etc. must be tightened very well and should not be used on toys for children under 3 years of age.

I hope that you can use this site and I wish you happy sewing.